Drawing on the extensive experience aeltari international helps clients identify and deliver value with speed, certainty and agility. From strategy to execution with businesses, government agencies and other public organizations, we develop the capabilities needed to perform optimally in these fast-changing times.

Businesses and governments are adapting their operations to accommodate an increasingly complex, volatile and interconnected global environment. Our combination of skills, help develop and operate scalable, efficient and agile business processes to deliver immediate and long-lasting value.

Project management of large international high-tech systems

Our staff have a long experience in the development and management of large complex high-technology international construction projects. We offer a seamless list of competencies from the selection of equipment and subcontractors, financial engineering, technical expertise during design, installation and start-up through into operations.

During previous projects we have led the development of radio-astronomy equipment, particle accelerators, superconducting magnets, medical devices, web 2.0 software, large photovoltaic power plants. We assemble teams of engineers, scientists, financial experts and the like to perform engineering miracles to schedule and to budget! We are currently leading the Belgian team in the ITEA2 Enerficiency project.

Even experienced organisations with teams of gifted individuals can run into problems. Changes can occur that are difficult to deal with. We implement methods to produce strategies that put projects back-on-track.

Procurement, proposals and scope

Many organisations whether they be private companies or government institutions lack experience in the systematic preparation of proposals for large projects or programmes. Similarly they can lack the experience in their assessment.

Perhaps too, collaborations are needed, not merely contracts. We can assist in these areas of systematic project organisation before substantial financial outlays are made avoiding irksome expensive realignments, litigation or potential project failure.

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