Aeltari is proud to participate in the Pan-European ITEA2 project "Enerficiency".

Project Description

The ENERFICIENCY project is an initiative to produce a software platform for energy efficiency monitoring and management from the consumer/prosumer-side. It will be capable of interaction with the power network and providing services to allow efficient energy use. The software platform will be capable of integrating many heterogeneous data sources and providing appropriate services to convert these data into valuable information for energy efficiency management, audit and benchmarking.

Computational intelligence modules will have data mining services able to obtain energy efficiency indices and to discover patterns in energy use. A challenge in ENERFICIENCY is to consider the bidirectional communication between prosumers and the power network in order to provide an overview of global power use.

We will build this common framework and validate it in several scenarios: industries, hotels, university campuses, administrative buildings and homes. Its development will be based on international recommendations (as the ISO 500001 initiative), experience of consortium partners with a large experience in energy audit/consulting and development of industrial solutions for energy monitoring.

What is ENERFICIENCY’s Expected Impact?

To improve prosperity and competitiveness, Europe must focus on energy efficiency at all levels. Households, factories, office buildings and communities represent 70% of world energy consumption. We wish to reduce energy consumption, whilst maintaining activity levels and comfort.

The aim of the project is to lay-out the groundwork for future development of leading European products and services in the energy efficiency field. The ENERFICIENCY project partners represent the seed for the creation of a partnership of companies (Ecosystem) dedicated to maintaining the core of a standard energy platform management system.

The system will monitor all possible elements of local production and consumption of energy. To generate energy saving advice, detail energy data are required such as: solar, fuel cells, micro-turbines, heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, PCs, electric vehicles, etc.


ENERFICIENCY is a goal oriented consortium of 7 entities (1 large industry, 4 SMEs and 1 research/university institutions) from 3 countries: Belgium, France and Spain. The participation of 3 different countries will provide an exceptional framework to detect regional/national requirements derived from regulation, weather and building particularities


Funding for Enerficiency is provided by national funding agencies. Aeltari is partially funded by InnovIris -- Brussels Region of Belgium.

The project is performed under the ITEA 2 framework.


More Information

You may download a more detailed project description:

If you have a question or would like to enquire about Enerficiency contact us at aeltari


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