Focus on Photovoltaic Energy

There is a pressing need to reduce climate change which has become the most important issue of the 21st Century. Thus, our focus is the development & exploitation of efficient energy sources that do not produce greenhouse gases.

Aeltari is committed to being part of a sustainable future by developing and investing in renewable energy solutions world-wide.

The renewable energy industry is very dynamic with constantly changing technologies, economic landscapes and political frameworks.

Over the last 20 years, the PV industry has expanded production by a factor of roughly 200. It is probable that this rate of increase will continue for the next 5 to 10 years, when PV electricity may become cheaper than traditional means of generation becoming independent of subsidies, feed-in-tarifs or green certificates!



Photovoltaic Electricity

The first photovoltaic (“PV”) cells were used for satellites (during the 1960s) which required a very stable and reliable source of energy. Though the best technical solution, these cells were very expensive.

Around about 1970, the first terrestrial applications appeared mainly to supply electricity for isolated off-grid radio relay stations. Little by little more and more applications developed.

Progressively prices have decreased and cell efficiencies and electronic systems have become far more efficient. This steady progress has meant that today PV electricity can become main stream.

Consequently, today there are over 400 solar power plants with a capacity of more than 2MW.


Solving the Energy Challenge of the Third Millennium
Solutions from Innovative Technology
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