roof mounted systems

Clean solar power into the future

Solar power plants represent long-term investments. Project value it is maximised by careful design, high-quality materials, and expert installation. Our experienced team of engineers use only premium quality components with the best quality performance ratios to maximise project NPV.

The project's financial returns are assured by aeltari's high-quality approach and attention to cost-performance.

Whether you require a penetrating or non-penetrating roof mounted system aeltari can help you.




As a solar energy systems provider, aeltari can manage every phase of your solar energy project:

  • Analysis of solar viability and yield for your site(s)

  • System design and project management

  • Financing expertise and funding

  • System engineering

  • Procurement and construction

  • Certifications

  • Administrative processing

  • 24/7 monitoring and verification System operations and maintenance

Our solar plants are delivered in the following easy steps:

Analysis, Engineering and Construction: We conduct an on-site assessment of your energy needs and solar potential. From that assessment, aeltari designs a photovoltaic power system that uses the latest technologies, materials and designs to optimise your plant's solar energy yield. We manage the entire construction process including logistics and grid connection.

Certification and Operation: We manage the complete renewable power certification process and perform testing to identify baseline use and savings. We then activate your system and generate clean, renewable energy from the sun.

Monitoring and Maintenance: We continually monitor and control system performance 24/7. When needed, we deploy technicians quickly to keep systems running at optimal levels.


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