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The management team

The two principals of Aeltari Development, Emmanuel Bois d’Enghien – Chairman and Dr Steven Laycock -- Managing Director, are committed to developing sustainable energy projects in Europe & world-wide of high quality and high value for their customers. Aeltari offers a seamless list of competencies from the selection of equipment and subcontractors, financial engineering, technical expertise during design, installation and start-up through into operations. We have already undertaken many complex international technical projects.

Dr Steven Laycock – Managing Director

Steven Laycock Photo Steven has an extensive and diverse international experience. He made the permanent move to Belgium from the UK over twenty years ago. He has worked extensively in the UK, USA, France and Belgium but has also managed work in Japan and India. He is presently CEO of Aeltari International and was previously founder and CEO of CoAvant, a procurement company, for 7 years. Steven was also previously senior project manager at IBA.

He is an exceptional project manager with extensive technical skills. He specialises in using superior strategy coupled with technical know-how and finance to provide superior returns to stakeholders. Steven holds a PhD in Physics from Cambridge University and an MBA from the Solvay Business School.

CoAvant SA specialised in procurement software and procurement consultancy. Under Steven’s leadership, the company developed world-class software and assisted large companies in their procurement practises. Whilst at IBA, he led the development of IBA’s first Protontherapy $20 mio system for Harvard University’s teaching hospital. Steven also gained notoriety by building a new particle accelerator with unprecedented performance in record time earning a $1 mio bonus.


aeltari partners – a powerful mix of competencies

Aeltari Development (AD) is a joint venture between Mercury Development and Aeltari International.

In addition to Aeltari Development’s strategic alliance with BISOL, it has strategic alliances with mechanical fabrication, construction companies and finance organisations. AD is undertaking technical and commercial studies on the improvement of outputs from PV modules in collaboration with a French and Moroccan Company. AD has industry wide contacts in renewable energy world-wide.

Through superior technology and strategy, Aeltari Development strives to keep ahead of the competition. One of the reasons we have chosen a strategic alliance with BISOL is their participation in an R&D programme under the EU’s FP7 framework.


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